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Request The Basics

Your 501(c)(3) organization in need can be approved to receive donations of personal care and other household products from Giving The Basics. If approved, you are then responsible for distribution of the donated goods to specific people in need. To be eligible for the Giving the Basics program, organizations must be headquartered in the United States and meet the Giving the Basics Terms and Conditions of Service as set forth below and in the Giving the Basics Registration Form.

Registration Process
Giving the Basics has made the process quick and easy to apply for registration. However, the more information that you can provide to us about your organization, the better we will be able to determine your eligibility. Please scan and e-mail your 501(c)(3) information.

  1. Fill out the Registration Form, have the form e-signed by an authorized representative of your organization and click SEND REGISTRATION.
  2. Giving the Basics meets to approve new locations in January & July.
  3. Once accepted, you will receive an email form Giving the Basics informing you of the next steps.

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Terms and Conditions
To be considered for the Giving the Basics program, your organization must (1) be a church, synagogue, or temple, or have current 501(c)(3) status, as designated by the Internal Revenue Service, and (2) operate a food pantry, homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, or similar program that involves the distribution of personal care and household products to individuals in need at no cost or obligation to the individuals. If you are not a church, synagogue or temple, do not currently have 501(c)(3) status, or your application for 501(c)(3) status is currently pending with the Internal Revenue Service, then your organization is not eligible for this program. This program is only open to organizations. Giving the Basics does not distribute products directly to individuals.

At this time, we are accepting applications only from charitable organizations located in the Kansas City metropolitan area. When we consider your organization’s application for the program, we’ll review the content of the application as well as your website and any other supporting materials that you provide. Ineligible nonprofits include, but are not limited to, those whose missions do not complement that of Giving the Basics. Giving the Basics cannot accept all organizations into its program due to its limited resources and, a final determination of eligibility will be made by Giving the Basics. All decisions are final.

By submitting a Registration Form for approval to receive Giving the Basics donations, you:

  1. Represent that you are authorized by your organization to submit the Registration Form on behalf of the organization.
  2. Understand that your organization will not be accepted into the Giving the Basics’ program until Giving the Basics has determined that your organization meets the program’s eligibility criteria, and that Giving the Basics may request additional documentation or information to make such determination.
  3. Authorize Giving the Basics to post the name and primary address of your organization on this website upon your acceptance into the program.
  4. Agree to distribute all products received through the Giving the Basics program directly to individuals in need pursuant to your program(s) described in the Registration Form (or similar program(s) established hereafter), at no cost or obligation to such individuals.
  5. Understand that Giving the Basics may request documentation or statistical information relating to your organization’s distribution of products received through this program, and you agree to cooperate with any reasonable requests for such documentation.
  6. Understand and agree that your continued participation in the Giving the Basics program is subject
    to the continued acceptance of Giving the Basics in its sole discretion, and that Giving the Basics may terminate your organization’s participation at any time with or without cause.
  7. Understand that Giving the Basics does not guarantee any type or amount of donations will be provided to your organization, but that Giving the Basics will make efforts to distribute received items to the applicable organizations requesting such items.
  8. Understand and agree to promptly notify Giving the Basics if (a) your organization’s 501(c)(3) status is revoked or terminated, (b) your organization is no longer in good standing in the state of its incorporation or where it is qualified to do business, or (c) your organization plans to cease its operations. Should any of these circumstances arise, your organization agrees, at its sole cost, to deliver any undistributed goods or products received from Giving the Basics to such organization(s) as Giving the Basics designates.
  9. Understands and agrees to accept all products are received from Giving the Basics on an “as is” basis without warranty of any kind and with all risks assumed by you.